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Digital Marketing Consulting located in Barcelona

OOPTIMO is a 21st-century digital company founded by Barcelona’s entrepreneurs, engineers and economists.


The 82% of people research on the Internet before buying.

See Google study

According to the Google study, 82% of people consult their phones on purchases they’re about to make in a store.

In OOPTIMO, we believe that the digital environment has become the new game board, where companies have the possibility to connect with their consumers directly through technology, thus creating stronger ties that transcend into much more than a business relationship.


Six Divisions

We organize our solutions in six divisions, one for each type of sector, with the aim of providing the necessary value and expertise to respond to our client’s needs:



Value Proposal

To carry out our solutions, we focus our value proposal around three pillars:

  • Project Methodology – Our experience in high consulting allows us to work with methodologies focused on maximizing the results of the project.
  • Content Creation – The creation of valuable content for the user is our obsession, a content that transcends all their expectations in order to generate a relevant impact.
  • Data Driven – Any digital marketing action to be executed is always backed by analytical methods. Fundamental for continuous improvement.

Professional Profiles

The OOPTIMO team is made up of professionals who share the passion for digital transformation:

  • 15% Executive Consultants – Specialists in digital business and responsible for project management.
  • 60% Digital Marketing Consultants – Specialists in the different areas of digital marketing.
  • 25% Technical Consultants – Graphic designers and web technology developers.


Ferran Tobias Pujol

We live in a constantly changing environment, which does not allow us to stop, much less stop improving. Our passion for digital transformation is what keeps us curious day after day, working with professionalism and commitment, focused at all times on generating results for our clients.