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The project


The Angelini Group, after almost a century of dedication to the Pharmaceutical Industry, is present in more than 50 countries, where it occupies a privileged position in very diverse therapeutic areas: Ophthalmology, Central Nervous System, Locomotor System, Gynecology, Fertility and Pediatrics. It also participates in the OTC market.


The project developed by OOPTIMO for Angelini Group consists of the design and programming of the website for the “Lubristil” product, an ophthalmic solution for dry eyes.


The OOPTIMO team initially conducts a strategic digital business study where the market niche is analyzed, the main competitors of Lubristil are studied and the different types of online customers are defined. All this, with the aim of designing the web technology and digital marketing strategy lines.

The results


The website www.lubristil.es is designed adapting to the corporate identity of the product and the Angelini Group.


The programming highlights an application to increase and decrease the size of the entire web content (as it is an ophthalmological product).


In order to use the website to increase product sales, an application is also designed so that the user can find the nearest pharmacy.

Clemència Peris

The project


Design and implementation of the digital business of the prestigious jewelry company Clemència Peris, specialized in the high jewelry sector since 1979.


The new generation of the company proposes to bet on the online business as a strategic investment for the future with the aim of increasing brand awareness (branding) and, primarily, the volume of business.


The OOPTIMO team designed a strategic plan of digital business with the customer.

Adding customer’s know-how in the jewelry sector and OOPTIMO’S expertise in the digital business, the results were guaranteed.

Sales increase in the second year.

The results


During the first year, the digital business provided to the enterprise numerous national and international sales (USA, Mexico, Canada, Switzerland, Japan …) increasing the turnover of the company, at the same time increasing their branding in the sector.


The second year the digital business is consolidated, increasing sales by 80% compared to the first year.

BTP Personal Training

The project


Digital transformation of a local service business. BTP Personal Training, a company that offers personal training services in Barcelona. In order to increase turnover, the company decides to digitize and start advertising online.


The OOPTIMO team designs a strategic plan focused on attracting customers on Google and social media, advertising their services on an attractive website and positioning it in the digital environment through different online marketing actions.

The first year, the business is multiplied by three.

The results


The first 6 months the sales impact is exponential, multiplying the volume of customers month after month and, consequently, increasing the workforce.


In order to continue growing, the brand expands its services to other gyms in Barcelona and offers personal training at home.