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The 82% of people research on the internet before buying

22 March, 2019

According to the Google study, 82% of people consult their phones on purchases they’re about to make in a store.


Check here the google study: See Google study


Nowadays, consumers surf the Internet looking for information about the product or service that they want to buy, compare prices, read customer reviews,… and based on that, they make the purchase decision. In addition to that, they do so at anytime and anywhere, with their computer, mobile or tablet.


In OOPTIMO we believe that the digital environment has become the new game board, where companies have the possibility to communicate and listen to their consumers directly through technology, thus creating stronger ties that transcend into much more than a business relationship.





Ferran Tobias Pujol

Co-founder We live in a constantly changing environment, which does not allow us to stop, much less stop improving. Our passion for digital transformation is what keeps us curious day after day, working with professionalism and commitment, focused at all times on generating results for our clients.