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Digital Marketing Study of the Real Estate sector

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12 July, 2019


We present the digital marketing study of the Real Estate sector.


Although the Real Estate sector has always been very traditional, it has not been able to escape from technological advances and now is in the process of digital transformation.


In this process, digital marketing is the right tool to use in order to boost business growth, using technology to enable the company to connect with the target customer in the digital environment.


For real estate agencies there is a great opportunity to connect with the customers who want to sell their property.


On the other hand, for the new construction promoters, through digital marketing the company has the opportunity to connect with the customers who want to buy a home, beyond the real estate portals (marketplaces).



Ferran Tobias Pujol

Co-founder We live in a constantly changing environment, which does not allow us to stop, much less stop improving. Our passion for digital transformation is what keeps us curious day after day, working with professionalism and commitment, focused at all times on generating results for our clients.